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What’s on this (birthday) week? Istanbul Bienniale, recommendations and more!

Hi everyone!

This week marks a special week for me – the last of my sweet twenties as I approach dirty thirty on Thursday 15th October!

I’ll be celebrating the special occasion from Istanbul 14th – 19th Oct, reviewing culture in the dynamic city that is divided between Europe and Asia. Continue reading

Boschetto-Chivasso festa!

There seems to be a reoccurring theme for the small villages dotted around Piemonte – there’s always an excuse for a “festa”!

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Rodallo 2014: Festa del Pesce

My summer vacation starts with good food which means I’m in Italy for the Festa del Pesce in the Piemonte village Rodallo.

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Amazing Nigeria…

When you think of a holiday destination in Africa, Nigeria may not be an obvious choice. However Angela Lipton – my first guest contributor – could change that as she reveals some hidden treasures of the West African nation… Amazing Nigeria.

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Ghana Independence Day, what would the next 57 years look like?

From the lovely Barbara Ntumy – my Ghanaian sister and NUS Black Students Campaign committee member… She takes a different perspective on the Ghana Independance parties I will no doubt be attending. Food for thought.

Happy Ghana Independance! x

Hollywood writer Lia Langworthy analysis subtext behind center stage African beauty on Vanity Fair cover

Hollywood writer shares her observations of the subtext behind Vanity Fair’s 20th annual Hollywood issue March front cover… Who wins the limelight?

Have you checked out my student blog? The Educationally Frustrated Student 😉

the Educationally Frustrated student

Vanity Fair puts African Beauty centre stay...

So what’s the catch?!

Is it just me, or is it too good to believe that this mainstream high-end magazine known as being “too white” has put Kenyan beauty Lupita Amondi Nyong’o center stage ahead of other well-known Oscar-nominated names, on their front cover?

Evidently it’s not just me questioning!

So when Californian writer Lia Langworthy who hosted me in her Hollywood home 2 years ago, questioned the context of this picture, I just had to take the opportunity get her opinion on my blog!

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Please nominate my blogs for a Blog Camp Ghana Award!

Last week I got a message from a blog reader in Ghana saying he’s nominated me for a Blog Camp Ghana Award! So I thought I’d get a momentum going if I am actually to make it to the voting process – I need lots of nominated first!

It’s nice to know my blogs are being read…

“The Awards team will present the list of top nomination under each category and open the voting process. Please note that the Social Media Awards are for bloggers of Ghanaian origin or foreign bloggers with Ghanaian content.” 

To nominate my blogs for a Blog Camp Ghana Award click here!
There are various categories which would suite either of my blogs; Travel Making Kai www.travelmakerkai.com and my NEW blog The Educationally Frustrated Student www.theefedstudent.wordpress.com

Other social media categories I would be suitable for include Twitter: @makingkai and Instagram: travelmakerkai

Check them out and please nominate me! Let me know once you do. Hurry, nominations end 6th Feb 2014!


The desert in a bottle… Sand art in Amman


Camels trail lazily through the heat of the desert towards an oasis, mountains lean into the skyline in the distance. The scene is a picturesque array of beautiful colours skilfully blended together…

You don’t need to have visited the Wadi Rum to be transported there. You can get the essences of the the Jordanian desert right on the streets of Amman – in a bottle!

I met Hisham as I wondered aimlessly through the bustling streets and markets of al-Balad, downtown Amman. The young artist who has been making sand art bottles for 7 years, invited me to sit and watch as he once again mastered his art of capturing the desert in a bottle! Click here to watch the video!



You can find Hisham’s stall in al-Balad, downtown Amma, opposite the Roman theatre.

Or email him for more info and to place orders: sandbottles@yahoo.com

Enjoy Amman!

African drumming… The tweet sound of Tel Aviv

Enjoying the music of the drums from my continent of origin - Africa!

Enjoying the music of the drums from my continent of origin – Africa!

It’s the little things I love about this city…

Yesterday evening I witnessed the sun setting over Jaffa city, absorbed the dynamic vibe of Tel Aviv just from a stroll along the beach and rediscovering the drummers beach where percussionists and lovers of music gather together celebrating the sounds from the African drum… I was in my element – for a few blissful hours at least!

But what about the bigger picture?

This 20 year tradition of gathering drummers together to beat the African drum is a stem of globalisation. The white man beating the instruments whose roots are from Africa… Shouldn’t this mean that the African is treated with as much love and admiration as the instruments from his own continent? Realistically, this is hardly ever the case.

If like myself you’re simply passing through Israel on your travels, there are somethings you will be immune to noticing. Since building a relationship with my tweeter account (now that I can finally remember my password), I can’t innocently pretend to be politically unaware of the injustices that takes place in any country I visit. And Israel is no exception.

I haven’t personally had much of an opportunity to interact with any Africans, besides an Ethiopian girl I stopped to ask to recommend some r’n’b clubs after a disappointing night of hearing just electronic music, and the drunken African man who got violently shoved out of the drummers circle by a female percussionist yesterday (he was too drunk to question about his experience living in Israel after he murmured to me something along the lines of “hey wassap babi”).

The sweet sounds of the African drums I experienced yesterday, sadly don’t correlate to the bitter tweets I have seen regarding how Africans are treated the Holy Land. And here are just a few of those tweets.

Please share your experiences and opinions!

Surely it gets better?… My “ripped-off” travel experience

Ripped off and p***ed off… But in a way it’s payed-off because I always meet the most amazing people on my travels! And that’s PRICELESS!
Though I think I’ve learnt my lesson now, and the only time I’ll be giving away extra cuts of my tight student budget is when I choose to tip someone! No more getting ripped off (if I can help it)!

the Educationally Frustrated student

I hate being ripped off – don’t we all? I probably wouldnt mind it if i was blissfully unaware! Depending on the amount, the scenario plays on repeat in my head until I eventually admit defeat… That could take anything from few hours to a few days!

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