The thing to wear: Kimonos out and about

The word "Kimono" literally translates as "thing to wear" (ki "wear" and mono "thing")... And Momo (pictured above) wears his well out on the streets of Ginza! If you come to the capital of Japan with high expectations of seeing locals dressed in array of traditional Kimonos - prepare yourself for disappointment. A different type... Continue Reading →

Japan so far… Yet so near

  I'm 5950.877 miles from home... That's the furthest I've ever travelled, according to's calculations! I've been in Tokyo for a little over a week (excluding a quick trip to Seoul which I'll blog about in the next post), and lets just say its an 'interesting' experience. Yes interesting because unlike Marmite, I can't work... Continue Reading →

Transit in Rome… Kiss and Go!

As much as I love travelling, I hate the "travelling to get there" part i.e getting to the airport, queuing up to get checked in, sorting our liquids, finding the gate, queuing up again to board the plane... Then having to do it all over again if you're transiting! Transiting through Rome to get to Tokyo... Continue Reading →

#BlackinJapan: Concerts

If you're looking for music with a bit of flavour, soul and funk - Tokyo shows evidence of "Black in Japan" this summer! George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, Jimmy Cliff, Funky Meters, Maceo Parker performing live in Japan... George Clinton & PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC 12 & 13 April 2015/4/14 (Tue) - 4/16 (Thursday) Jimmy Cliff     2015/5/9... Continue Reading →

Black in Japan

  Its been a while since I've travelled, hence why they've been no regular updates from me. The last trip I made was to Berlin for a long weekend - six months ago! So I think I'm worthy of a new adventure, no? "Black in Japan" is a project I'll be working on during my visit... Continue Reading →

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