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Visiting the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was the barrier division between communist East Germany and “Democratic” West Germany from 1961 until it was pulled down in 1989 – 25 years ago.

I visited the remains of the wall during my trip to Berlin, taking in the art which also has a political message – as with most of the art/graffiti in Berlin.

The Berlin Wall is a must visit. A symbol of hope, freedom and change.

What are some of your favourite places in Berlin?

Edrin’s bedside table: Books on Africa

I spent the weekend in Berlin hanging out with Edrin Kondi – a friend I met during my trip to Ghana in 2010…

I couldn’t help notice the books about Africa he had sitting on his bedside table… This was my excuse to get an interview with my host and find out a bit more about his fascination with Africa.

I ended my last night in Berlin with this interview with Edrin and editing… Can’t complain!

What are your thoughts on the books Edrin shared?

How To Be A Nigerian – Peter Enahoro

DEAD AID – Dambisa Moyo

The State of Africa – Martin Meredith

Vegan “Goodies” cafe Berlin

Berlin could possibly be the capital of Veganism in Europe! You can’t go very far without spotting the words “bio” or “vegan” sometimes even graffitied on walls – like every other opinion un Berlin

I asked Freia from Goodies cafe in Veganz centre on Warschauser Strasse her thoughts on the vegan movement in the German “alternative” capital. English isn’t her first language, so she couldn’t express herself the way she would have liked to… But I’m not sure if I’m convinced enough that being vegan is a genuine “ethical” movement or an expensive trend! All I know is vegan cheesecake tastes pretty good – but is it a lifestyle I couldn’t live up to due to it being so expensive? Most probably not.

What are some of your thoughts on veganism? Share in the comment box below x

Saturday night: Soul Explosion Berlin



DSC_0264I knew where I would end up for my saturday night in Berlin once I caught sight of the flyers on the streets of Friedrichshain… Soul Explosion at PrivatClub!



Day 2 in Berlin and observing “globalisation”…


When in Berlin, do as Berliners do!

I’m loving Berlin for 2 main reasons: it’s student-budget friendly and Berliners walk fast! That equation equals myself as a Londoner easily adapting into a new city I’ve barely spent 24hrs in. Of course there are lots of other reasons to love Berlin. And as the hours go by, something new is added to my mental list.

Since I’m in Berlin for a “long weekend”, I decided to use my trip as “research” for an essay on the Media and Globalisation I’ll be writing this term. It didn’t take very long to observe traits of globalisation in the city that was until 25 years ago divided between communist East and democratic West. For a start – everyone speaks English. However the most symbolic observation of globalisation I made was during my walk around Friedrichshain‬ without a map or GPS. After hours walking, I began to feel a sense of hopelessness that I may have to ask someone for directions because, dear I say it, I was lost! Continue reading

Street Food Thursday: going vegan with Sisley in Berlin


Thursday is the “new weekend” its been proclaimed! And if that’s the case I landed in Berlin just in time for a treat;  “Wochen Market” – a weekly food event which attracts both locals and tourists to the hub of Berlin’s thriving food scene. Food blogger Sisley shows me Street Food Thursday … And a pretty good reason why I should “Go Vegan”!

DSC_0243I started eating healthy once I realised I what I was actually putting into my body” 20 year old writer of The Pure Life explained to me. And despite her move to Berlin just a few months ago, Sisley has adapted her healthy eating routine to fit comfortably with her new environment.

Food food plays an important role on any travels – even if it’s not written on a “to do list” often enough. And a trip to Berlin is no exception! Currywürsts vs döners aside, I was in for a tasty treat when I met up with Sisley at the tram line of Grünberger strasse and we headed towards Eisenbahnstraße for Markthalle Neun – think abandoned warehouse brought to life with a cosmopolitan array of street food vendors aided by the buzz of trendy boho Berliners… You’ll not know where to start – let alone where to finish. That said, we opted for Vietnamese with Toctoc for a light and refreshing rice “sommerrolle” served with a delicious silky peanut sauce.

However the highlight of my culinary eye-feast was sampling a taste of the vegan movement in Berlin by enjoying every mouth full of the “avocado and lime” cheesecake from the Vegan food stall, recommended by Sisley;

DSC_0245This is the best raw vegan cheesecake I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of raw vegan cheesecake” Sisley persuaded. And I couldn’t fault the smoothness of the avocado and zesty lime cheesecake-like filling sat on a base of crunchy dehydrated buck wheat and nut mixture. Not that I’ve tasted many “raw vegan” cheesecakes – this was in fact a first… And it surely won’t be my last!

I was curious to know how Sisley got into healthy eating which lead her to start a successful food blog and gain roughly 6,500 followers on instagram:

I discovered I was lactose and gluten intolerant so I was forced into learning how to cook for myself, using plant-based whole foods. Eventually, I fell in love with making healthy food…”

Find out more about Sisley’s healthy food journey and delicious recipes on her blog; www.thepurelife.ca and also on instagram @thepurelife_

If you plan a visit to Berlin, put food as a priority on your “to do list” and head to Markthalle Neun Thursday – Sunday. Eisenbahnstraße 42/43, 10997 Berlin, Germany

What’s your favourite place in Berlin? Share your tips and suggestions in the comment box! Thanks x