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Messages of Support from around the world: VOTE Kai 4 LCC VP!

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Thought I’d share this with you… I’m running for Student’s Union elections to be Vice President of London College of Communication (LCC)! Here’s a video with messages from friends and family around the world showing their support and encouraging students to vote for me!
Please join my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaiLutterodt4VP/
and you can make a short vid too if you want 😀 x
#Kai4VP #EFedStudent

#Kai4VP #EFedStudent

the Educationally Frustrated student

When my friends and family around the world learnt I was running for Vice President of London College of Communication, they made short videos to express their support and encouragement!

I’m humbled, I’m blessed and I’m more motivated t

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4 tourists dead from bomb explosion at Taba border on sunday

Scary thought that I was there just over a month ago… I count my blessings everyday!

the Educationally Frustrated student

Miriam’s whatsapp message to me just a few hours ago came as a surprise. I’ve been concentrating so much on my students union campaign that the outside world has been a distant thought.

So when her message read; “did you know that yesterday a bus full of (south) Korean tourists exploded in Sinai desert? There was a bomb inside and 13 people got injured, and 4 died. 50km from the Israeli border in Taba. Wtf!” I was brought be back to reality!

ShowImageJust over a month ago I was in the Sinai desert with Miriam. Her “WTF” expression is mutual… It’s just crazy to think that we walked down that same street where the bus exploded on sunday, when we crossed the border from Israel on New Years Eve…

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Hollywood writer Lia Langworthy analysis subtext behind center stage African beauty on Vanity Fair cover

Hollywood writer shares her observations of the subtext behind Vanity Fair’s 20th annual Hollywood issue March front cover… Who wins the limelight?

Have you checked out my student blog? The Educationally Frustrated Student 😉

the Educationally Frustrated student

Vanity Fair puts African Beauty centre stay...

So what’s the catch?!

Is it just me, or is it too good to believe that this mainstream high-end magazine known as being “too white” has put Kenyan beauty Lupita Amondi Nyong’o center stage ahead of other well-known Oscar-nominated names, on their front cover?

Evidently it’s not just me questioning!

So when Californian writer Lia Langworthy who hosted me in her Hollywood home 2 years ago, questioned the context of this picture, I just had to take the opportunity get her opinion on my blog!

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How to get a ring on your finger… In time for Valentine’s Day give-away!

Single_spiritual_and_sexual_cezanne_poetessSo you’re single.

And by the looks of it you’ll remain that way during the most romantic day of the year, unless something dramatic happens… There could be a Cupid angel waiting to aim a love bow at you!

Cezanne Poetess has generously offered to give 4 readers a FREE copy of her books; How to get a ring on you finger and Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

In ‘How to get a ring on your finger’, find out:

What is a ‘Soul Mate’, and How Will You Know When You’ve Found Yours?

Can You Have More Than One Soul Mate?

Are You Afraid of Being Alone?

Find out more about Single, Spiritual… And Sexual in this video


For a chance to win a copy of either ebook, all you have to do is email me your name, the ebook you’d like, your city and a sentence about yourself, under the subject Valentine’s Day giveaway

Make this Valentine’s Day special!

Closing date; 14th February 2014. Winners will be announced next week!

Don’t wait! Enter now! One entry per reader only.



If you can’t wait until Valentine’s Day, download the full ebook from Amazon.com for $3.12 or Amazon.co.ukfor only £1.92!

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Look out for my view of the three S’s – Single, Spiritual… And Sexual coming soon!

Have you bought your Queen a greeting card yet?… Check out this one by Cezanne!


“Kung Hei Fat Choi!” Celebrating Chinese New Year – in solidarity with the Black Students’ Campaign

Well, it’s not China but it’s the closest I’ll get to it while I’m still in London! I thought I’d share with you my afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year in China Town, London with NUS Black Student Campaign member Barbara Ntumy, who told me how East Asian students can also be an active part of the NUS Black Students’ Campaign!

Don’t forget to follow my student blog… As much as I love travelling I can’t do it all the time – I’m first and foremost the EFed student!
“Kung Hei Fat Choi!”

With my dad: We climbed the Great Wall of China

Flashback! With my dad; We climbed the Great Wall of China!

the Educationally Frustrated student


And yet I was caught by surprise!

Bang snaps hit the floor hard filling the air with popping sounds, and the ground with empty paper casing littered the streets. The sights and smells of East Asian street food on display served behind pop-up stalls outside restaurants enticed hungry well-wishers. Red Chinese lanterns were a familiar sight hanging above every path of the celebrations (and on the costumes of certain enthusiasts!) And the people? A varied mix of Chinese, Londoners and tourists all jointing together in solidarity to celebrate a family-friendly event fused with Eastern culture.

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