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Keep calm… and Merengue in the Dominican Republic!

I’m excited.

Really excited!

The last time I felt this level of excitement was at least seven months ago… I know, it’s been a while since I had enough stimulation to get my adrenaline pump functioning!

That was when I booked my trip to Brazil for three months. Excited, yet nervous and anxious. I had a strange concoction of emotions running through me. Worried about the unknown of travelling to a country alone yet ready for the challenge of facing it and ‘finding myself’.

And now it’s back. That feeling!

Like life flowing through me again after months of not living.

I booked my trip to the Dominican Republic! And before I say anymore about this trip; I’ll leave you with this video my CS friend Gaby recommended.

She said: “this is typical merengue, not commercial, this is the song that we play in weddings… If a dominican guy dedicates that song to u, then u know he will propose…”

Well, enough said! Lets Merengue!