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Wrapping up the weekend!

wrapping up a group of friends!

wrapping up a group of friends!

When the novelty of my spontaneous actions wore off, the high of acting on impulse finally settled, that’s when my dramatic actions finally hit me. I cut my hair. Short. Myself..!

Acting on impulse to create a brand new self-image, I cut my hair with the intention of getting ride of my chemically processed hair and exposing three months of natural ‘regrowth’. Except three-months of new hair is actually not as long as I’d hoped! So to avoid going ‘too short’ I had to settle for the best of both; natural kinks with straights ends for added length!

Talk about bad hair day! I needed a quick fix- fast!

Thank God for the head wrap (or rather my African ancestors for the invention)!

I almost ditched an invitation to a swanky house party in Knightsbridge due to the state of my ‘experiment!’ But thankfully I settled for a sophisticated look by tying a scarf around my head. Worked wonders and got me a lot of positive attention too 😉

So I wrapped up my weekend with a modern twist to a tradition remedy. Good riddance to bad hair days!

Here are other times I’ve taken inspiration to get wrapped up!

Feel free to share your ‘wrapping’ ideas and images… Lets get inspired!

Beauty Pageants Traditional Wear

Beauty Pageants Traditional Wear

Ghana, Cape Verde with friends, London photo shoot with Daniele Tamagni

Ghana, Cape Verde with friends, London photo shoot with Daniele Tamagni

Stepping into Spring: Short-cut to good hair!

photo (4)It’s spring time!

I’m back home in London after my extensive travels just in time for one of my favourite seasons of the year. The one that signifies new beginnings! The sun is finally showing through the clouds- amazing how a bit of sun in London brings out positive energy and confidence… Enough confidence for me to take scissors to my hair and go for the chop!

I won’t hold the sun completely responsible for my dramatic irreversible action. After an amazing inspirational trip to Brazil (not at all seduced into opting for Brazilian hair extensions, but rather empowered by the beauty of baianas- women of Bahia and their take on natural hair) and a crazy fun Easter break in Ghana (reconnecting with my roots), I got back home to London with a heavy craving for change. Internally; getting back to into my healthy living pattern, and externally… A new look… a new short cut!

I’ve toyed with the idea of having short hair for a few years now. Funky, fun and retro with a splash of colour! Sounds great right?… But is it really for me?

collageMy signature looks since chemically straightening my hair almost 10 years ago, have been a classic bob (with my own medium length hair), or long sophisticated waves (with the help of hair extensions). Two simple looks that I think work for my face shape- though my preference has been the latter.

So on friday night, while people-watching on social media networks, I suddenly got an impulse to cut my hair… And what the hell, I run with it! Not even waiting for saturday morning to arrive to get it professionally cut by a hairdresser! It felt great- each snip was liberating. And when it was all done, I was able to stare back at myself in the mirror without regret. I was pleased with the results!

Until I went swimming the following morning! The swimming part itself was good (part of the internal change I’m seeking). Even better that I didn’t have to worry about getting my hair wet (a stereotypical excuse many black girls have for not taking up the sport!)! But when it came to drying my hair, that’s when I realised my transition would be a lot more difficult than I anticipated… And I really should have thought hard about it before hand.

Did I mention I want to go natural too?!

The initial plan was to start afresh by going natural. Goodbye to ‘no lye’ relaxers; I’m tired of your lies (though there have been some truths too. Smooth silky hair… At a cost)! Goodness knows it can’t be so difficult. I have enough friends who’ve made the transition, so if they can do it, why can’t I? And I’ve noticed the many facebook groups promoting natural hair. Black girls of all complexions spotting their natural locks in different styles so effortlessly. That could be me!

But I’ve quickly come to terms with the reality of wanting to go short and natural after just a weekend managing three months worth of regrowth hiding beneath my straight ends (which I would have to be cut off eventually)… I’m not so sure why I want to go natural!

Where did I get the idea that natural hair = easy hair?! It doesn’t! And I realised that standing in front the ladies changing room mirror debating if I should blow-dry the shrunken mass on my head. What’s the point of going natural if I’m going to be using heat on it everyday to get it straight? I’d might as well stick to chemically straightening my hair to get the desired results- no?


But exactly why am I going natural again?!

Erykah Badu- facebook

It’s not like I’m trying to make a political statement by rocking an afro. I just like the idea of being chemical-free! The idea of my hair being real! And hair can say so much about a person. The confidence to maintain natural hair when our society tells us we should conform to straight European-like hair speaks volumes. But straight or kinky hair (because goodness knows my hair has never been curly- if I had it that easy I’d never go straight)- I’m a proud black African woman. My hair doesn’t define that. Case closed.

The feedback I’ve had on facebook after posting up pics of my new crop has been amazing… Then I get a comment from my cousin saying;

“great. your future daughter will now have a real role model to be proud of. too many black women with toxic hair. proud of you kay.”

No pressure there then! I’d like to hope my future daughter would proud of me for stronger actions than the way I wear my hair… Otherwise I’d better pray for a son!

Ok, so I’ll confess. My hopes for going natural besides starting afresh from chemicals, is partly due to the fact that I’m lazy when it comes to my hair. There, I said it! It just takes up too much of my time to try to get it to look good! Maintaining my chemically processed hair hasn’t been cheap either despite considering myself an expert babe on a budget! Hence why going natural seems like a cheaper better option. Is there a hefty price tag towards growing ‘good hair’?

Cover of "Good Hair"

Good hair.

Without getting into the internet phenomenon of what good hair is, I’ll just say in my opinion, it’s hair that’s healthy. And after almost 10 years of relaxed hair, there have been many lows (had my scalp burnt a few times, my hair isn’t as thick as it was in its natural state, it gets dry and lets not mention the constant breakage and brittle strands). Despite that however, the times when I have looked after it well, I can proudly say that I had good hair. Hair that is healthy, strong, shiny and manageable.

If I wanted a short-cut to achieving good hair without effort, going short and natural was a bad move! Good hair is like a plant. It requires love, time, care and patience (amongst other factors)! This spring season is the perfect time for me to plant that seed by giving my hair all those requirements!

Whether I’ll say away from the chemical relaxers is a different story. But whatever I decide, I’m going to make sure I enjoy rocking my new short hair look with pride! Goodbye hair extensions- you’re so last season!

Hello short cut!… my new sexy!!

short-cut spring

Well, what do you think?

Please share your natural hair/short hair experience in the comment box! Thanks

Daniele Tamagni Street Photography Weekend 13-14th April


Preparing for a shoot
Photo by Daniele Tamagni

If you’re a fan of world photography, or even photography for that matter, the name Daniele Tamagni should ring a bell. Long before Daniele’s acclaimed recognition, I was lucky enough to have worked with him in my earlier days of modelling. Above is a shot by Daniele as I prepared for our photo-shoot in London. His attention to detail is perhaps more than just a talent, but a gift.

©Daniele Tamagni

©Daniele Tamagni

Tamagni’s iconic photographic collection of Sapeurs in Gentlemen of Bacongo has no doubt been a global hit. His documentation of the Congolese life-style phenomenon, published in 2009 by Trolley Books has influenced many genres; from fashion (Paul Smith, one of the world’s most renowned and influential menswear designers) to mainstream pop music (Solange‘s music video ‘Losing You‘).

The award-winning Italian photographer (winner of the World Press Photo 2011) is holding a Street Photography workshop in Milan this weekend 13th-14th April.

Amongst the buzz of Milan Design Week- Salone del Mobile, this is an exclusive opportunity for photographers within this field to improve and upgrade their portfolio as well as have their work critiqued by the expert himself. Tamagni’s workshop will be divided into two parts; theoretical and practical.

For more information one the workshop visit:


For more information on Daniele Tamagni and his works visit:

If you’re in London this spring, make it a point to visit the prestigious Somerset House in London where Daniele Tamagni’s latest project “Afrometals” will be exhibited from April 26 to May 12.

Please share your thought’s on Daniele Tamagni’s work! Thanks x


SEO and Your Blog

Some great advice wanted to share with bloggers… Now I have to get writing!

The Daily Post

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post for the WordPress.com blog about how SEO works on WordPress.com, and today I’d like to discuss this here on The Daily Post. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to things you can do to increase how high your site ranks in the search results of Google and other search engines.

SEO is a hot topic around the blogosphere, and you’ve likely heard a lot about it. Much often repeated SEO advice is untrustworthy and some of it is just plain bad.

The good news is if you have a site on WordPress.com we take care of the vast majority of the technical side of SEO for you. The only thing you really need to do for great SEO is write!

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Pup gets all the ‘VIP’ attention!

It’s not everyday you see a puppy in an airport let alone an airline lounge!

So I couldn’t help snap up some pics of this cute puppy who won over the hearts of us waiting passengers at the Alitalia VIP lounge in Rome.

The cute 3 month old pup was comfortably snuggled up to its owner and seemed at ease despite the constant attention he received from passengers.

Im told the pup, born in Italy, is flying in its own business class seat to start a new life in Texas with its proud owner…

So much for a dog eat dog world eh?!






Preview Milan Design Fair- Salone del Mobile 2013

Without a doubt the most exciting time to be in Milan is during its world-famous Design Week! Since my first visit to the Salone del Mobile three years ago; the annual furniture event which introduced me to the ‘fun‘ in furniture, I’ve been no stranger to Milan whenever I come to Italy.

So it’s with excitement I anticipate the time of year when the city showcases some of Italy’s best assests- design!

The Salone del Mobile 2013 takes place on the 9th-14th April.

Here’s a sneak preview to sample some of the designs which will be showcased.


Valsecchi 1918 will be at the Salone del Mobile 2013 with a new collection ‘many voices’, projected by several designers under the art direction of Nicola De Ponti. The great protagonist is the wood: re-read and reinterpreted with a contemporary sensibility that enhances the texture, the color and the combination with other materials. It also emphasises, in particular, the issues of the joints and of the dry-assembly of the products. Some examples are the different pieces proposed by the Spanish Emiliana Design Studio, including the colored chest Terrace, and those imagined by the rising star of Portuguese design Rui Alves, innervated by a true love for the material.

These two products will be part of a collection of objects, strictly in wood, designed for a young and informal audience, which reflects a new sensitivity towards environmental issues:

Terrazza chest of drawers

design Emiliana Design Studo

iA container unit made of different pieces, which “responds to the need to put in order from the smallest to the largest object according to everyone’s organization”. The drawers, apparently stacked at random, are supported by a structure that allows to move them in order to create new surfaces to be used as shelves.



design Rui Alves
A chair completely made of wood, featured by soft and light shapes.
The project core is the way legs, disposed to create “A”, fit into the armrest/back with a simple joint, inspired to the traditional carpentry of Japanese architecture, which ensures support and stability.



The concept of ‘food’ isn’t lost in this exciting exhibit. I am pleased to present you a really interesting preview useDesign, a brand born in 2009 from an idea by Luca Scarpellini, will participate with N.I.P.S. (vivet homo) at the Fuorisalone 2013 of PADIGLIONEITALIA, within the project Foodmade, a group exhibition of objects / projects inspired and created WITH the food and not FOR the food.

Food as the raw material but also as a key element of the creative and production process.

The “projects’ cooking” will be presented during the Milan Design Week 2013, in the space PADIGLIONEITALIA in via Oslavia 3, Ventura-Lambrate District.

The description of each project will be characterized by a recipe, where the ingredients are the materials used to assemble the object and a brief personal statement of intent will shape the discussion behind the project.

Colé Italian design label
During Salone del Mobile 2013, Cole Italian design label features two new folding screens signed by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz and new variations on the collection “Tapparelle”, designed by Emmanuel Gallina.

Telo (folding screen) Design: Lorenz|Kaz
A simple and light wood structure acts as a backbone to an object with multiple facets. The most intuitive is a screen whose connotations vary depending on the fabric chosen: from technical raffia inspired by the fifties to the optical seventies; from casual denim with a cartoon imagery to folk aesthetics as a colorful matryoshka; from fur for a visual and touch experience to our precious fabrics for an atmosphere of sweet boudoir.


Opto (folding screen) Design: Lorenz|Kaz
It’s called Opto, because clearly inspired by the world of art and, in particular the Bauhaus. One of the two new folding screens designed by Catharina Lorenz and Steffen Kaz, defined by a wooden frame from the irregular geometry and inside design in all shades of black or bright colors.

“It’s like if one of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy photogram, fleeing from ‘his’ picture, had materialized as an object, which in turn throws other images when light and shadow hit its surface …” says Laura Macagno (art director, with Matteo De Ponti, of the young company).


Tapparelle (sideboard madia, hanging cabinet, bedside table) Design: Emmanuel Gallina

A sideboard madia, a hanging cabinet and a bedside table broaden this collection inspired by the homes of famous writers, composed of elements in natural oak and matt lacquer that explore the traditional technique of office furniture roller shutter. The cupboard, in addition to shelves hidden by shutters, has a bottom drawer for cutlery or small items and a top compartment flap to use with multiple cable ideal for installations to conceal dvd, console, tablet.