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Travelmaker Kai Blog – Same Theme – Modern NEW Look!

Travelmaker Kai Blog – Same Theme – Modern NEW Look!

I’d been thinking for quite a while about upgrading my slightly dated blog theme “Morning After” template (which ironically is so dated – in blogosphere terms that is – that the theme is no longer available… I might be amongst the few still using it!)

Welcome to the Travelmaker Kai blog

Thanks for passing by! This blog serves as a space to contribute diverse perspectives into the blogosphere by sharing my travel experiences as a Black British woman, the stories of the amazing people I connect with around the world, general ramblings, ideas, new projects, and my love for culture, music, fashion and food! Who knows where this journey will take us…

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If you're anything like me, when I have an idea I like to act on it fast! So after taking on board all the feedback from mentors, friends and family (thank you!) I built www.fast-track-branding.com by @sohogirlbranding - a service dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get their online business up and running in 7 days or less! Logo design, personalised photoshoot and website with custom domain name PLUS more all included in a package! . . No more excuses - no more procrastinating! If creating an online presence for your business is on your #2019Goals list - get in touch and let's get it done! ✨ . . #TheSohoGirl #FastTrackBranding #FastTrackYourBrand #InvestInYourDreams #BrandCurator #Webdesign #Branding #PersonalBranding #OnlineBusiness #BrandingForEntrepenuers #CreateYouOwnOpportunities #2019Goals #Goals #NoMoreExcuses
My bro Kinho @coach_mva says 'Kinhaa, you're such a show off' then I respond to him 'yeah, I learn from the best!' 😂 . 🎽@zara 👖@zara 👠@newlook 👛 @wrapsistar . . Any #photographers in #SaoPaulo wanna collaborate? 📸 . . #LunchDate #fashion #newseason #goldtop #festive #smartcasual #zara
Took my best friend @coach_mva away from his crazy busy schedule, for a lunch date at @restauranteaoyama as a #thankyou for being my bestest friend in world! . . He's seen me evolve from my lowest when I first arrived (not motivated to leave the house, over-indulge on pao de queijo, and cheating on our friendship when Netflix became my best friend!), to being at my optimum - setting up my business and getting new clients in the weeks leading to this day! . . Surround yourself with people who motivate you to be and do better... This is all the #lifecoaching I'll ever need bro; having a friend like you for life! #Gratudão 🤜🏼🤛🏾✨🇧🇷🇬🇭 #GetBiggerProject . . P.s you know your girl is an emotional wreck so yes I cried in my food when I did the thank you speech to Kinho 😂😭🤧 . . #FullOnLife #LunchDate #FriendshipBeyondBorders #FriendshipGoals #MyBrother #saopaulo #morumbi
Bom dia #Rainhas / Good morning morning #Queens 💁🏾‍♀️👸🏾✨ . . #Mood @rosangelanega36 @boutiquedekrioula . . #Headwrap #Turban #BoutiqueDeKrioula #BlackWoman #BlackGirlMagic #Kween
The @boutiquedekrioula effect... More from my day with Boutique De Krioula and the amazing people I met at @popplus, on my blogs later this week! . . #SaoPaulo #BoutiqueDeKrioula #PopPlus #Brazil #TravelBlogger 📸 @travelmakerkai @sohogirlbranding
Where to start... Special thanks to @donakrioula_oficial and @rosangelanega36 for allowing me to spend the day with them at @popplusbr - I got to experience 'o efeito Boutique de Krioula' - the Boutique De Krioula' effect' first hand!...So now I know it's not only in Bahia #afrocentricity is celebrated! . . There's something powerful about our afrocentric accessories and headwraps! And it was a joy to see the transformation it brought to all those who passed by the stall ♥️🖤♥️ . . Also discovered some Brazilian brands that cater to all curves! Obrigado @marcafala é @alinevito_store 👗 . . So, looks like @wrapsistar accessories has found a new home and sister in @boutiquedekrioula 🙌🏾✨😍 . . I'll be sharing more on my blogs later this week! . That was my day - how was yours?

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